Are you Planning to Win

Most of us don’t plan to fail, but I strive to ask myself, and I planning to win Winning can be anything you want in life. Some examples of good goals to have are raising your income, purchasing a home, starting a business, getting out of debt, saving for retirement, and raising a happy, healthy family. Whether or not some of these are personal goals for you, or if you have others, let me ask you one questions; do you have them written down.

The fact remains that almost everyone aspires to do bigger and better things. As I continue to meet with current, future and past clients, I find one thing in common with most of those that are meeting their goals… they have them in writing.

It is great to have dreams and aspirations. It is even better to aspire to ‘make your dreams come true’. If you never take the time to put your dreams on paper, chances are they will stay just that… dreams. If you really want to increase the chances of fulfilling your dreams, take the time to convert them to goals and write them down.

When you have them in writing, make sure you place them somewhere where you can review them periodically. A good example would be to tape them to your bathroom mirror so you can see them every morning. Not only does this reinforce repetition, but it’s also a great way to start your day; with something positive and worth striving for.

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